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Tim Maylander began his vocal career in 2022 after over a decade in the education and communication fields. After being consistently told he should be on the air and that he sounds like "that movie trailer guy," Tim made the plunge to start his own business and enter the world of voice acting. 

Tim's narration voice is orotund yet smooth, with a silvery quality. His steady and clear delivery - with an emphasis on pronunciation - makes sure your words are communicated perfectly every time. His voice can captivate an audience without going over the top - unless the situation calls for it! He also has a repertoire of voices and characters he can use to bring you story or script to life. 



Maylander Vocal Productions can handle any of your narration needs. Whether it's a one page document or a 1,000 page story, one character or hundreds, Tim will make sure your audience is spellbound. They're your words, but with Tim's voice they can be a lyrical masterpiece!

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